Hello and thank you for choosing Digital Camera Times for your potential online advertising campaigns.

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Digital Camera Times offers a variety of online advertisement opportunities. Our options range from standard display banners to customized interactive advertisement units. We have the ability to create efficient and effective advertising options to help you meet your goals and marketing needs.

Custom Header

We offer an impressive header that offers brands 100% auto-play functionality for videos, viewing and long-form content. This option will run across the entire platform.

Poster Advertisement

We offer a post advertisement unit that is well branded with a prominent display. Content will also be streamed on this 970×485 banner to give your campaign the best opportunity to gain interest and impress users.

Mobile Advertisement

We provide easy to display mobile advertisements for users to see first on their page of entry. Your brand’s advertisements will entice the reader to swipe for more information and lead into traffic and utilization.

Video Billboard Advertisement

Looking for the attention you deserve? Our video billboard advertisements will maximize your impact and be shown upon entry to our site. Your brands interactive until will deliver video content as well as a strong format to display content.

Feel free to contact us here at Digital Camera Times for more information on how you can get started on your advertisement campaigns with us!