Audio Compressor And Its Types

A lot of people have a very vague understanding about audio compressor. Well, compression helps in reducing the dynamic range of the recording by decreasing the level of the parts of the track which are very loud. Thus, both the quiet and loud parts of the track will have almost the same volume. Once it is compressed, the overall level will be boosted by an audio compressor unit. So the final output will sound like the volume of the quieter part is close to the louder part.

This will be able to control the dynamic volume changes and also you will be able to increase the level of the compressed recording inside the mix and very easily the recording will be able to sit inside the mix. You can find the best audio compressor on the market for price which is very affordable.

Its Types

There are mainly four types of audio compressor. They are VCA, Optical, FET and Variable Mu.

  • VCA means voltage controlled amplifier. This is a very common but a versatile type of compressor. You can compress without any change in the audio signal’s characteristics because the VCA offers a very transparent gain reduction. But if you wish to have an aggressive compression then it can be achieved as well. This type of compressor is very smooth but at the same time it is very fast. Unlike its counterparts, VCA is less colorful. It has gained popularity for mastering applications and buss compression.
  • Optical compressors are very transparent, subtle and have a great musical sound quality. In comparison to other compressors, this one has a slower reaction to input signal.
  • FET means Field Effect Transistor. It is known as the beast among all types of compressors because of its clear sound quality. This is perfect for hard peak limiting compression.
  • The variable-Mu is the oldest compressor that gives a sound which is not available with the other compressors.


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