Why I Buy Anal Hooks

Let me be honest; anal hooks feel incredible and that is one of the significant reasons that I use them. I and my partner had used butt plugs but the anal hook is an entirely different ballgame altogether. The fact that there is a rope tied at the other end to a harness or a collar adds a new dimension to the play. The ultimate motive is to heighten the pleasure in bondage play and you could adjust the tightness as per your level of comfort.

Training with an Anal Hook

We had regular sex toys but that had a shelf life and we had to look for something more interesting. The difference between an anal hook and a butt plug is the fact that there is one end that can be used in different ways to give more pleasurable sensations to the dominant partner.

These are usually less forgiving so unless you sit still, you run the risk of injuries. It can be used as a part of other bondage plays and can also be used on its own. When we were out to buy our first anal hook, we bought the simplest one that we could lay our hands on. However, our acts turned out so pleasurable that I absolutely recommend an anal hook in your inventory.

Buying an Anal Hook

When you buy an anal hook, ensure that the maker is reliable. Anal hooks should ideally be made of metal that is smooth on all sides. We would always use a proper lubricant while using our anal hook because the anal canal is quite sensitive and the last thing that you want is to irritate the area. Before you add an anal hook to your play, read the labels and instructions carefully to avoid any trouble. You can visit the official website of Love Plugs where there are new and interesting ideas for using anal hooks safely.

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