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How to keep your baby entertained

Hanging a teddy bear or rattle over the crib used to keep babies occupied and smiling for hours, sigh! The parents of the new generations babies love the ringing sound of the mobile phones now a days. Keeping babies entertained is really an art. How much ever multi talented, or skilled we are there is no time tested way to pacify and keep the baby smiling. The different stages of the baby growing up from days to weeks and months is a difficult period for new moms to handle all the stress of changing diapers, cleaning, feeding, staying calm round the clock along with other responsibilities is nerve wracking at times. As we live in the era of socializing with technology, there are newer ways to keep the babies entertained.

The twinkling eyes of the baby may be worth watching, however they process a lot of information in the tiny brains:

  • Showing soft colors, patterns and shapes keeps the baby attentive and it is true they do react to colors which they love with a smile
  • It may sound weird but making different expressions with your faces makes them giggle for a while
  • Moving the baby around the rooms exposes them to the different lights, shades which babies do respond to
  • Baby Bouncers which are a boon to many new moms,

I got my baby this bouncer a great way to keep the baby entertained with the little toys over the detachable frame, which simulates and makes the baby sleep as well. There are a number of options when it comes to buying a bouncer.

  • Light weight baby bouncer which can be carried with basic functions to keep the baby happy
  • Activity based bouncers which have those lullabies, lights and toys around the top of the frame which keeps the baby entertained.

Keeping in mind that material used in the bouncer should be soft and easy to clean, the inclination of the bouncer should be comfortable for a baby and it should not be that the infant is strapped over the bouncers for a long period continuously.