Binoculars – Technical Aspects To be Considered

Binocular is one important tool which must be purchased with care. There are various features that have to be noted while purchasing one. While there are many nontechnical aspects of binocular like weight, price, requirement, there are certain technical features that have to be concentrated while purchasing a binocular. Here are some of the technical features of a binocular that has to be considered while purchasing one. So, before you buy your next binoculars read this.

One might have noticed a specification like ”axb” on the body of a binocular. The below points may make it clear about what they actually are.

Magnification: “a” denotes the magnification which denotes that the object that is viewed will be ‘a’ times larger than the original size.

Aperture: “b” denotes the aperture value which is actually the diameter of the lens. Larger the value of ‘b’, more clearly can one view in the dark. On the other hand, higher the value of aperture more will be the weight of the binocular.

Field of view: This depends on the value of ‘a’ which is the magnification value. More the value of ‘a’, larger will be the object that is viewed and lesser will the area that can be viewed.

Exit Pupil: The value obtained by dividing the second number by the first number is the exit pupil. Make sure that the value obtained is smaller than that of your eye pupil.

Pupil distance: The distance between the pupils of the binocular lens must not be too big or too small. Usually, the distance can be adjusted in the binoculars.

Eye relief: This is the distance between the position of the lens held and the eye. Binoculars with longer eye relief are better for the people who wear glasses. This is because the glass will increase the distance of the position of the lens that is being held.

Take care of the above points before purchasing one.