8 Shopping Tips on How to Bulk Up for 2019

If you have a lean body and wish to bulk, there are few pointers you need to keep in mind to attain that body you are longing for. Simple changes in your daily routine could help you to bulk up without stressing out too much.  Below mentioned are few tips you need to keep in mind.

Opt for healthier means- There are various ways one could bulk up. There would be people around you who would be suggesting you unhealthy ways to bulk up quickly.  But don’t opt for those means as it might have severe side effects. You need to slowly build up the muscles through natural and healthy ways.

Opt for healthy supplements- If you have got a too lean body and you struggle to put on weight, you can opt for natural and healthy supplements that don’t give any side effects. You should consult the doctor before you take up any supplements. Check out avis sur crazy bulk to find out healthier options to bulk up.

Eat small meals 7 times a day- The protein intake should be planned for throughout the day as consuming too much of protein at one meal is not going to do any good for you.  Split the portion to 7 times in a day.

Utilize the calories efficiently- Plan your calories on the basis of your workout session.  Eat more calories if you are working out for bigger muscles.

Consume the right food post workout-   Immediately after a workout, the muscles need the right nutrients to support the recovery process.

Include right carbs in your diet- Don’t be scared to include carbs in your diet. You need carbs to give you the energy to face the workout sessions.

Have patience- Don’t expect results overnight, you need to be patient and consistent with your workout sessions and follow the healthy diet.

Get enough sleep- Body needs adequate rest so that muscles get enough time to repair and grow.

P90x For Beginners – Is It Suitable?

The p90x workouts will be extreme for beginners. It is important that the beginners are healthy enough to carry out with p90x workouts it involves extreme workout sessions. The workouts create a high impact on your joints and if you are not fit enough performing p90x workouts might also lead to heart failure or stroke. Therefore, it is necessary that the beginners initially start with the Fit Test offered by the program and continue from there on.

If your goal is to lose some weight, you can follow diet plans offered by well known diet planners like Nutrisystem, Medifast, Weight Watchers, etc. When following these diet programs, exercising is not mandatory. However, they recommend their dieters to include at least 30 minutes of workout daily. Both Nutrisystem and Medifast provide weight loss solutions in their own way; still they have some features in common. To know about the differences and similarities between these two programs visit

The beginners will have to take a 40 minute test to assess their fitness level to take over p90x workouts. The 40 minute test workouts include vertical jumps, toe touches, pushups, pull-ups, biceps curls, wall squats, jumping jacks and in and out ab moves. Male beginners should have a vertical leap of five inches while female beginners should have 3 inches of vertical leap. The male beginners have to do minimum 15 pushups. Female beginners should be able to do three male style pushups or female pushups up to 15 from the knee.

For bicep curls, the male beginners should be able to do 10 curls with 20 pounds and 10 curls with 8 pounds for female beginners. The beginners taking fit test should do minimum two minutes of jumping jacks and 25 ab movements. Those who do not have the skill level for p90x can opt for Beachbody programs that are available for their skill level.