Do You Need To Buy Custom Cloths

I have always been a fan of readymade t-shirts:

There was a time when I would never think too highly about a custom cloth. I wanted to be able to just check in to a store, try a couple of them and then choose the one that looked best on me. I was fine with not standing out because I knew it was okay to one day turn up at college with three other friends wearing a similar t-shirt. It was really okay back then.’

But then things changed for me!

I was not in too much form physically because I was working hard at work and I realized at the store one fine day that the size that was actually good for me always was a tad bit tight. So, I asked to try the next size. But that wouldn’t fit me either. It was loose and it kind of hanged everywhere.

I was used to wearing the right fitting ones always and I realized that this may make me feel slightly conscious. So, for the first time in my life, I had to walk out of the store without buying anything. But what would I do now?

Incidentally, I hit upon a store nearby just to check out my luck if they had the middle size. They didn’t. But what they had astounded me. They had a counter in there to help the customer’s custom make their t-shirts. So, I skeptically walk up and realize that there is a world of possibilities that I get the right fit and also be able to style my own tee! Good heavens, what was I doing so long?!

I love these t-shirts:

It’s been three years since I adopted custom tees and it has been a wonderful journey so far! If you have been itching to try your own style, come join the fun! I can tell you that it is great to become your own designer.