The Idiot’s Guide When Buying A Sous Vide Machine

When I tell everyone that I enjoy cooking, a lot of people’s jaw touches the floor!

Hahaha! That is indeed my moment of joy! Because not only do I love to cook but I also love to show off my latest gadget that which is the reason for my newfound interest in cooking.

Till only six months ago, people who know me would always think that I am a person who loves to eat outside and that cooking is not exactly my forte. Move over stereotyping, nowadays they are wondering how come I eat most of my meals at home.

The secret is, of course, no secret at all:

I recently invested in sous vide machine that allows me to cook my food exactly the way I like it the restaurant way. I have always been wondering how these places serve the yummiest of dishes and always consistently so. I realized that the hotels and restaurants employ similar cooking technique but on a larger hardware. Obviously for the volume of cooking that they do!

Less stressful cooking with a sous vide machine:

It is obvious that I associated cooking with drudgery and often settled for unhealthy options only to avoid laboring there in the kitchen. But ever since I have begun to cook this way I keep itching to make home cooked meals and I am constantly looking out for recipes to try. Does that say a lot?

Apparently, this form of cooking is not just healthy but more flavorful than the traditional form of cooking. The whole idea to cook at much below the boiling point and for a longer period of time ensures that the food is evenly cooked inside to outside and at the same time the color and the appearance of the food stay intact and appetizing as well.

You could finish by searing it in a pan but it trusts me not even required. Once you eat food cooked this way you would hardly have an inclination to go back to cooking on the stove or whatever that you were doing before! Try!!

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