The 10 Best Toys for Kids to Learn From and Play With

Toys for kids should not be just fun and time-consuming. They need to have the learning element too. Learning through play is the best form of learning and at a young age, their brains are grasping everything and storing them firmly inside.

Stores like StarWalkKids have umpteen numbers of options for you to buy. Here are the 10 best toys you can buy for kids so that they not only have fun playing with it but also learn in the process.

  1. Jigsaw Puzzle

These puzzles come for different ages. As the age goes up, the pieces become smaller and multiply in number. This improves concentration and enables them to visualize the end result.

  1. Math Puzzles

Puzzles that involve numbers are again designed for various age groups. This can be a fun way to learn math rather than a study from the books given at school.

  1. Word Games

Scrabble, word building, etc are few of the infamous word games that improve the vocabulary of the child.

  1. Pictionary

This requires the child to enact the given word. Improves their drama skills, helps them thing out of the box and on their feet.

  1. Guessing Games

Many detective games are available to keep the children occupied for hours on end, guessing who is the good one, and who is the bad one, what was the crime, etc.

  1. Craft Work

There are many DIY craft sets sold in the market today. This comes with instructions and all the materials needed so that one need not go hunting for things when the child is doing it.

  1. Maze

Finding the way type of mazes improves concentration and is a lot of fun when you have a friend to compete with

  1. Pretend Play

For toddlers and young children, toy figurines and house like setups are a great way to improve imagination. Pretend play improves socialization skills and imagination. Girls are generally given doll houses while boys are given trucks and road sets, etc.

  1. Construction Sets

Building blocks and construction sets for little older kids will teach them to use a spanner, screwdriver, and other such tools. They will learn to put things together on their own in a fun way.

  1. Clay

This is very popular with young kids. Their fingers are made stronger and their imagination is given a form when you give them some child-safe clay to mold as they wish.

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