Ways Service Dogs Can Help Treat Bipolar Disorders

Treating psychiatric disorders is quite a challenge. Treating patients with such disorders requires lot of patience and care. Apart from medications and looking after they can benefit a great deal by interaction with service dogs specially trained to assist persons with such disabilities.

These service digs are especially trained to perform specific tasks for people and to make others around also that your assistance provider is a special service dog you can get him special patches to sew on his vest.  These patches for service dogshelp people to know that your dog is not an ordinary pet but is specially trained to help your overcome your disability.

Here are 5 specific areas in which service dogs can have a positive impact on the entire health and well-being of a person with bipolar disorder.

  1. Emotional Support– Service dogs are trained to calm and soothe negative impacts of the person’s mental illness and help him or her comes to terms with coping with it.
  1. Calling for help– They are trained to bark for help, answer doorbells, get telephones to their owners and some are even trained to dial helpline numbers to call for assistance.
  1. Medical Assistance – Training is given to these dogs to bring the required medications along with the beverages needed to take them in times of a crisis. The dogs are even trained to prevent people from crowding or coming too close to their owners.
  1. Physical Support– Service dogs are trained to provide assistance with walking as well as helping an individual to balance with the help of a stiff harness. The harness also helps them gain balance and stand properly.
  1. Security guards– Service dogs can also be trained to double up as security guards and are trained to check the house for intruders and unwanted elements. They are also trained to switch on lights and open locked doors.

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