What Do Women Really Want?

Have you ever wondered what women really want? They are definitely quite complex to understand when you are trying to find out what they need.

If you are out buying a gift for your girlfriend, the biggest question in your mind is “Which gift would my girlfriend like the most?” This is because you have seen her have almost everything she likes. When you see something new you are not too sure if she would prefer that. Even if you are sure about the article, you are not sure about the color, etc. there is always some question which requires you to guess or take a risk at.

When it comes to going to a restaurant, you wouldn’t know what food she likes. Yes, you may know what food she generally likes, but will she want it that day? What if your Italian food loving girlfriend is in the mood for some sushi tonight?

This scenario goes on. So what do women really want? Here is a broad idea:

They want you to spend time with them. Any article you read or interview you see, will have women telling this. You may think you are spending all your time with her but they want you to spend some quality time with them. This means no phones, games or TV to distract you from a conversation with them.

Even if you have nothing to do, they would love for you to stay home and spend the time with them doing absolutely nothing. Both of you could be reading different books, watching TV or be on your smart phone. But having you next to her, doing nothing important or serious gives her the reassurance that you love spending time with her rather than with your friends or outside.

When it comes to buying gifts, some want the latest in the market; some want the most expensive item. Some just want something they like. For this one should have paid attention to what they use and what they have said about buying or already owning certain products.

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